3 things you can do on Pokémon Go with a Fake GPS Location

After its release in 2016, Pokémon Go is among the most played smartphone games worldwide, and still, it is even now! Today it has gained more than 500 million active players from everywhere, mostly liked by teenagers.
What makes it so popular?
Yes, it is about the fun to catch Pokémons on different virtual world locations that exactly simulate real-life things. Overall, it is an adventurous game but will make you feel bored if the Pokémons are scattered in other places.
Many players lose their hope and interest. As a result of this, they quit playing the Game if they didn’t find any Pokémon nearby! One more factor that is negatively affecting the experience of playing the Pokémon Go game is the Coronavirus! After all, our health is a top priority than playing a game. The longer we will live, the more we will get the chance to experience new Gameplay’s!
Wait! What about if there is another way using which you do not need to stop playing any location-based game like Pokémon Go? Also, using the same neither you need to go out of your dwelling to catch any Pokémon?
Yes, it is possible with Goooch!!!
It is a simple application that can help you to enjoy playing Pokémon Go without needing to move anywhere else! A location spoofer that virtually changes the GPS position of your Apple gadget. So it is a simple trick using which you can fool others, even your smartphone, that you are somewhere else! But, in reality, you are at home or anywhere else in the world!

5 Fundamental Benefits of using Goooch Application

How to use Goooch to get a Virtual Location?

3 Advantages of using Goooch in Pokémon Go Game

5 Fundamental Benefits of using Goooch Application

There are many plus points of using Goooch in your device! No doubt, you can teleport the GPS of your iPhone wherever you want to be! Ultimately, it is a one-click solution to explore new places and find different types of Pokémon that are not possible in any other way! Let us check what other possibilities are;

1) It will do the magic to virtually transfer your phone's location to any other place on the planet. Hence, you can fool anyone who is tracking your site every time.

2) The best part of the software is it doesn’t need jailbreaking your gadget. So you can virtually change the GPS location of Pokémon Go or any augmented reality location-based games with ease!

3) You can use this software tool as an alternative to Virtual Private Network. It can help you access any geo-restricted content that might not be available or banned.

4) The software works in a manner such that it automatically changes the location-based settings present on your phone. It includes latitude, longitude, weather, time, and more for a temporary basis!

5) It is also convenient to punch in or out on work apps by changing your smartphone's location if you always forget to do it.

Now let us see the three main ways Goooch will help you to become a Pokémon Go master! But, before that, you need to have an idea about changing the location of your iOS device.

How to use Goooch to get a Virtual Location?

The software allows you 3 different modes to spoof your Apple gadget about your location-based apps' actual location. It comprises Google Maps, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Snapchat, Pokémon Go, and more. It includes;
Step-1: Download the Gooochhttp://goooch.com on your PC.


Step-2: Connect your iPhone or iPad using a USB lightning cable with the computer.
Step-3: Launch the Goooch application. It will ask you to choose from one among the following available modes;

  • a) Choose a route and simulate your movement!
  • b) Choose spots and simulate your travel. It can be further sub-classified into two types;
    -- i) Two-spots – In this mode, you can only move on roads in between two chosen spots.
    -- ii) Multi-spots – Here, you are free to choose any location; it can be on mountain, sea, road as you need or want to travel. By the way, you can select up to 100 spots to follow for your movement in between them.
  • c) Teleport your current location