GOOOCH: A Detailed Guide to Install and Use

As an avid Pokemon Go player, you may encounter a similar situation. You might already know that Pokemon Go is one of the most popular AR games of the present times. Though, there are so many restrictions in the game that makes it harder for us to advance. The good news is that with the help of a Goooch latest version, you can unlock tons of premium features in the game for free. In this post, I’m going to tell you how to install and use Goooch on your iphone without causing any harm to your device.

Part 1: What is Pokemon Go: A Brief Introduction

Part 2: What are the Major Features in Goooch?

Part 3: How to Download Goooch?

Part 4: Tips for Playing Pokemon Go Safely

Part 1: What is Pokemon Go: A Brief Introduction

If you are new to Pokemon Go, it is recommended to get familiar with the basic game before using the Pokemon Go Mod version. Released in 2016, Pokemon Go is a popular game that is based on the Pokemon universe and uses augmented reality. It uses our smartphones to locate nearby Pokemons and catch them. Once you have caught Pokemons, you can participate in battles and even train your monsters.

Presently, the game has over 500 different species of Pokemons and is played by over 140 million active monthly users. It also encourages us to step out to catch more Pokemons due to its location-based AR features. Although the game is initially easy to play, it requires a lot of physical work and dedication to advance.

Part 2: What are the Major Features in Goooch?

If you have played Pokemon Go for a while, you can notice how much time and dedication it needs. To overcome this, players have found some smart solutions that are included in Goooch. This is a “modified” version of Pokemon Go with several add-on features to make our gameplay easier than ever. Ideally, following are some of the major features that you can find in the Goooch latest version.

  • It has a fake GPS feature to let us spoof our present location anywhere we want. In this way, we can easily catch Pokemons in any designated location from our couch.
  • There is also a simulation feature that would let you simulate your movement from one spot to another. This will help you evolve your Pokemons (as a walking buddy) or hatch new eggs without actually walking.
  • There are also inbuilt features like cooldown and anti-ban. This will make sure that you won’t exhaust the add-on features of Pokemon Go Mod Apk or get your account banned.
  • The Goooch unlimited coins feature is something that is enjoyed by its players the most. You will get an unlimited inventory of coins so that you can buy any equipment and other add-ons easily.
  • You can also play Pokemon Go Mod Apk with a joystick to help you move the character easily. The app also lists details about the nearby Pokemons, Pokestops, gyms, and other useful information.

Part 3: How to Download Goooch?

Step 1: Load the app

You have to type in the official website of Goooch to download the app in accordance with your OS version. Then, click the ‘Install’ button to trigger the wizard of successful installation of this app in your PC. Now connect your iPhone with your PC.

Step 2: Change the GPS location

You can now fake GPS Pokemon Go iOS by tapping ‘Virtual Location’ option at the home screen of Goooch. It triggers another window.

Step 3: Choose the fake location

Hit ‘Get started’ button to select a fake location on the map view of Goooch app. You must select the ‘Teleport’ mode at the top right side of the window and it stands third in the line of icons. It is enough if you make a tap on any desired spot on the map or enter the desired address at the text box on the top left side of the window.

Step 4: View the fake location

In the Goooch app map view, you have set the virtual location successfully. You can find out the current location indicator points out your desired location address precisely. If there is any controversy in the new location, then go back and change the address again.

Step 5: Fake GPS location on the iPhone map

Now, open the current location on your iPhone. You can view the new virtual address as a current location.

The Goooch app has successfully modified the location settings on the iPhone. You now have faked GPS Pokemon Go iOS successfully using this app.

What’s more, there are two modes of movement simulation available with the Goooch app. You can implement virtual moves between the desired spots on the virtual location of the map while playing your favourite Pokemon Go game.

The first mode assists you to move between two spots, whereas the second mode helps you to move between multiple spots on map.

Part 4: Tips for Playing Pokemon Go Safely

Installing Goooch is not enough as you are needed to take some measures so that your account won’t get banned. - Don’t use its add-on features like fake GPS or location simulation too much else you can get a soft-ban on your account. - If you are spoofing your location, then try to change it to a nearby place and don’t change your location to different places in the world frequently. - There is a cooldown duration that you should know while changing your location. For instance, if you are spoofing your location to 5 Kilometers away, then wait for at least 3 minutes. Here’s a cooldown duration chart that will help you decide for how long you should wait before spoofing your location. There you go! After reading this post, you can easily use Goooch on your iphone like a pro. Using it, you can spoof your iPhone location or simulate your movement for games like Pokemon Go without the need to jailbreak your device. Go ahead and try this app and let us know about your experience in the comments.

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