Pokémon Go Sleep: Four things you need to know about

In the year 2016 Pokémon company associated with the Niantic developers and made a mobile game named “Pokémon Go” and launched it for iOS and Android devices. Pokémon Go was the field game and every player of that game need to go outside and find the Pokémon. However due to violence that game was shut. But now Niantic in 2020 came up with the new game of Pokémon called “Pokémon Go sleep” where players can find Pokémon in their sleep.

Pokémon sleep is the upcoming mobile game developed by the Japanese company Select button by the Niantic developers in the assistance of the The Pokémon Company. It was announced in May 2019 by the CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara of The Pokémon company.

Pokémon Go Sleep is a kind of game that will help you to sleep and with the pedometer device; you can track your sleep without using your phone. Yeah, that’s right Pokémon sleeping game maker company came up with this idea about sleepy game after it doomed. This is a type of indoor game so no violence will occur like it was in the past.

part 1: What is Pokémon Sleep?

Part 2: When will the Pokémon Sleep release?

Part 3: Does Pokémon Go Sleep work at night?

Part 4: Which Pokémon sleeps the most?

Part 1: What is Pokémon Sleep?

Pokémon Go sleep is fresh out of the plastic new mobile game that is dropping before the finish of 2020. It is equivalent to the credit given a game like the Pokémon Go with the smidgen contort on Pokémon Go it was given awards by the strolling separation and this Pokémon Go Sleep will give compensations with the dozing record.

In the Pokémon Sleeping game when the player is sleeping it will start tracking the sleep record with the latest Pokémon go+ device with the accelerometer checking and all the records transferred to the user’s smartphones with the help of Bluetooth connection when the player wakes up, he/she will be rewarded.

The main motive after developing this game is to give a good sleeping habit to the players so that they can get a good amount of sleep which affects a good way to a healthy lifestyle. Accelerometer is set on the latest device to keep tracking the sleep record.

The new Pokémon Go Plus + extra holds similar usefulness as the Go Plus, however, it includes rest observing usefulness through an implicit accelerometer. It appears as a circle molded Poke ball, and I envision it will be worn while you rest to offer preferred following over simply depending on the Pokémon Sleep application.Part 2: When will the Pokémon Sleep release?

Part 2: When will the Pokémon Sleep release?

According to the sources, the Pokémon sleeping game should release by June 2020. Pre-order for The Pokémon Go+ device is started already so you can pre-order it.Part 3: Does Pokémon Go Sleep work at night?

Part 3:Does Pokémon Go Sleep work at night?

Yes, Pokémon Go Sleep works at night and gives the reward for sleeping all night. The CEO of The Pokémon Company also explained, "The concept of this game is for players to look forward to waking up every morning." The Pokemon game will also help to those parents who are facing problems to wake up their kids.

It will automatically begin into action whenever we go to sleep. Here the game comes up with the special accelerometer built-in feature in Pokemon Go + device which tracks the sleep record. Those records will automatically backed up in users’ smartphones where the game is installed.

Part 4: Which Pokémon sleeps the most?

Snorlax is a huge, fat, pale blue animal with shut cut eyes and a shut mouth that highlights two projecting upward teeth. Snorlax is the sleepiest Pokémon and according to the sources its weight is over 1000 pounds. This Pokémon has been playing a tremendous role In the Pokémon go games. He has the ability to grab the food and eat it at the same time.

Due to Snorlax's heavyweight, he sleeps a lot and was a very easy target to catch in the "Pokémon Go" games.


The Bottom Line

Pokémon Go Sleep game designed to help users to sleep and for their health purpose. Because Pokémon sleeping game is using an accelerometer to track the sleeping record and CEO of the company promises that this game reduces the use of the smartphone. The role of the smartphone is just for downloading the game app and keeping the track records that are sent from the Pokémon Go plus+ device and shows the rewards. This augmented reality will change the perspective of games for users.


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