Start Geo-Blocked Games whenever and wherever possible

Start Geo-Blocked Games whenever and wherever possible

Using this funny location changer, it’s so easy to change your GPS location on iPhone,and you can go anywhere in the game without actually moving.

  • Perfect partner team up with most location-based AR games or apps.
  • Protect Pokemon Go softban against the function of cooldown timer.
  • Play Location-based games or apps such as AR games.

Hiding and changing GPS Location on Social Medias

If you don't want to go out, but have to locate, GPS JOYSTIC will help you to change your location pretty easily.

  • GPS JOYSTIC helps to Match more friends on dating apps.
  • Make It's like "traveling" anywhere in the world you've never been before.
  • Play tricks on your friends in Sharing Virtual location on social medias such as WhatsApp.
Hiding and changing GPS Location on Social Medias
Mock iPhone Location,Supported with all apps

Mock iPhone Location, Supported with all apps

  • Compatible with common location-based AR games or apps such as Pokemon Go.
  • Wipe out the help of the cooldown timer and avoid Pokemon Go softban.
  • Start Location-based games or apps such as AR games instantly.

Set the Speed to custom GPS Location on the Go

You can define a route by selecting two or more spots With GPS JOYSTIC, and then move along by setting the walking speed, cycling speed, or driving speed. Try to set different pause time during the movement,it will become more natural.

  • Walking Walking
  • Cycling Cycling
  • Driving Driving
  • Set the Speed to custom GPS Location on the Go
    Simulate GPS Movement with your favourite Rout

    Simulate GPSMovement with your favourite Rout

    • Change GPS movement by following the path you set.
    • setting the number of round trips is also supported.
    • It’s unlimited for you to Change your locations and movements.
    • No need to jailbreak and freely change GPS location.
    • Walking Walking
    • Cycling Cycling
    • Driving Driving

    Joystick to Simulate GPS Movement More Freely

    Whether you are in teleport, one-stop, or multi-stop mode, use the joystick to spare 90% labor in GPS movement control.
    Automatic marching

    Automatic marching

    One-click to make the GPS spot move automatically. Direct the movement freely in real-time.

    360-degree directions

    Tweak your directions in an all-around way. Move forward or reverse with the Up or down arrows.

    Keyboard control

    Use keys W, A, S, and D, or keys UP, Down, Left, and Right to control GPS movement.

    More Features Provided



    Simulate GPS movement along real roads automatically in 1 click.
    Set Coordinate

    Set Coordinate

    You can look for any location by name or by entering its coordinates as well.
    Multi-device Support

    Multi-device Support

    Support to manage the GPS Location on five different iOS devices.
    GPS location saving

    GPS location saving

    The GPS locations you have spoofed on the map will be saved for future use.


    This location changer offers 3 modes: teleport your location, simulate movement between two spots, and simulate movement along a specified route.

    Launch the program on your computer
    Step 1
    Launch the program on your computer.
    Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer
    Step 2
    Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer.
    Choose your desired mode to change GPS location
    Step 3
    Choose your desired mode to change GPS location.

    The safest location software service on the market

    High Quality Service
    High Quality Service
    Technical Experts
    Technical Experts
    Security Technology
    Security Technology

    User Reviews


    It's the most amazing app I've ever used. It makes my game more interesting

    -Serena star

    I am so happy that I have completed many tasks in Pokemon go with this app

    -Catherine star

    It changes your phone location if the police are tracking ur phone tried & tested hahaaaa

    -William star
    -Martin Mutugi

    Incredibly amazing! I was able to spoof my location with alot of ease and I truly appreciate the benign efforts.

    -Martin Mutugi star

    Very supportive app.... I will recommend to my friends.

    -Daniel star

    This is really wonderful and the method is so much useful to me thanks.

    -Shumon star
    -Chittu Potti

    Excellent app, when i tried worked perfectly to spoof my location on my ios very easily,thanks .

    -Chittu Potti star

    simple yet powerful method with new options. I used it now and its very neat and quick.

    -Dharsh star

    That's incredible, I spoofed my location fast and easy, this is the way to go.

    -Gikunda star
    -Sunil Kumar

    I am really glad to found this excellent app for spoof location on iPhone.. Its worked for me.

    -Sunil Kumar star
    -Deep Rock

    amazing app to spoof location on iphone.

    -Deep Rock star


    Can I change my location on iOS/Android devices?

    Goooch Virtual GPS focus on iOS device to change location.Which for Android devices is in progress, we are looking forward to.

    How to customize the route without walking when playing AR game?

    With Goooch Virtual GPS, you can easily forge GPS positions on iOS devices. At the same time, you can use two-spot mode and multi-spot mode to simulate GPS movement with customized routes.

    How can I know if my device is supported or not?

    Download the free trial version of Goooch Virtual GPS and launch it on your PC or Mac. After connecting your device to it, choose the mode that you need. If your device is supported, you can continue the process by clicking “Start to Unlock”. If your device is not supported, you will see the message “Your Device Is Not Supported”.

    What modes does Goooch Virtual GPS offer?

    Goooch Virtual GPS offers Teleport Mode,Two-spot Mode and Multi-spot Mode,you can choose as your need.

    What if my device could not connect with Goooch Virtual GPS?

    If your iphone cannot connect with Goooch Virtual GPS, there are 3 steps for your reference:
    1. Unplug and reinsert the device. Restart the program and reconnect.
    2. Check the USB connection and try to connect to other USB interfaces using the original USB cable.
    3. Check whether iTunes can recognize your device.
    If iTunes does not recognize your device, please resolve the connection problem first.
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