How do I use virtual gps routes for a pokemon go?



In the Internet era, although the positioning function carried by electronic products has brought a lot of convenience, there are also many security risks such as location information leakage.So falsifying virtual locations on iPhones or Android devices and letting them have virtual positioning capabilities not only completely disguise the location information from the system level, but also add a solid "security door" to location privacy.

Is it possible to get virtual location on WhatsApp?

Of course yes! Although there is no simple one-click setting for smart mobile devices to change your virtual location immediately, whether you are an Android or iPhone user, in this article we have many methods and solutions to help you with location spoofing, let's start.

How to share virtual live location on Android device?

Preparing an Android phone (Android version 6.0 or later). The next step is to realize the specific operation of sharing virtual live location:

Step 1: viosit  , where you will see a lot of applications that enable GPS forgery for Android devices, search and find the app named: Virtual GPS location, and then click to download it.

Step 2: After the download is complete, start the application directly and click the "Click here to open the map" option. Then, through the map, you can select the virtual location of the phone to display in it. Note that the coordinates will be displayed on the "Latitude, Longitude" line of the GPS joystick.

Step 3: Click Start. Jump out of the "Location Permission" window prompting whether you need to change the system settings, please continue to click to go to Settings. And allow drawing on other apps, click Start, then there will be a window to enable mock location.

Step 4: Go ahead and click Start, and when you see the "Location Permissions" window, you will be prompted to change your system settings. Continue to click to go to Settings.

Step 5: In Settings, click "Developer Options", then "Select Mock Location App". Click the GPS joystick. In the GPS joystick, click Start. At this point you can open Google Maps or a similar application to see if your live location is updated.

Of course, if you're interested in trying out different Android location spoofers, we've confirmed that the following free location changer apps work very similarly to virtual GPS location.

As we all know, extensibility and inclusiveness of Android system are very powerful, so I will teach you some simple and easy-to-operate tips now. Sometimes, location on Android devices is complicated and confusing. When necessary, it is better to control and hide location according to the above method.

How to share virtual live location on iPhone without jailbreak?

It isn't easy as Android device to virtual location on iPhone device , but jail-breaking will damage your iPhone and even void your warranty. Jail-breaking can destroy your iPhone, how can you spoof your location without jail-breaking ?

Technology is benefiting mankind, and there are some applications that make it very easy for iPhones to share virtual locations in real time.Goooch virtual GPS is the best way to virtual the location of your iPhone or iPad, because this app is the best companion for your smartphone, one of the safest virtual location products on the market, and we have confirmed that it is compatible with all iPhone/iPad, Support iOS version 14.

As a functional application based on global virtual location, it does not need jailbreak, one-click to set any virtual location, supports all applications, can kill many virtual GPS Pokemon in seconds, and can easily implement virtual global positioning system. Before downloading, please enter the goooch official website:

1.Visit the product column of goooch; then select Goooch virtual GPS from the homepage, and click to enter.

2.Select the subscription period according to your need, select the corresponding option, and complete the payment .

With Goooch virtual GPS, we can change virtual actions on the custom map quickly, at anytime, at anywhere, without geographical restrictions. What's more worth mentioning is that, for the products under the Goooch brand, the user's transactions are actually protected. If you are not satisfied with the Goooch products after purchasing , a 30-day refund supported.