Play Geo-Blocked Games Anywhere

With this funny location changer, you can change your location on iPhone with only 1 click. This enables you to move to anywhere in games without actually walking.

  • Works with most location-based AR games or apps.
  • Avoid Pokemon Go softban with the help of cooldown timer
  • Play Location-based games or apps such as AR games

Spoof Location on Social Media

Fake GPS will let you change your location pretty easily, which is useful for those who don't want to go outside but need to spoof GPS location.

  • Match more friends on dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder
  • Pretend to "travel" to any place you're never been to
  • Share Fake location on WhatsApp/Instagram to trick your friends

Spoof iPhone Location, All Apps Supported

  • Works with most location-based AR games or apps.
  • Avoid Pokemon Go softban with the help of cooldown timer
  • Play Location-based games or apps such as AR games

Set the Speed to Mock GPS Location on the Go

With this location changer, you can define a route by selecting two or more spots and then move along by simulating the walking speed, cycling speed, or driving speed.
You can also set different pause time during the movement to make it more natural.

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Driving

Simulate GPS Movement with Customized Route

  • Simulate GPS movement along any paths you draw
  • Support to set the number of round trips
  • Change your locations and movements as many times as you want
  • Without the need to jailbreak your device
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Driving

Joystick to Simulate GPS Movement More Freely

Whether you are in teleport, one-stop, or multi-stop mode, use the joystick to spare 90% labor in GPS movement control.

Automatic marching

One-click to make the GPS spot move automatically. Direct the movement freely in real-time.

360-degree directions

Tweak your directions in an all-around way. Move forward or reverse with the Up or down arrows.

Keyboard control

Use keys W, A, S, and D, or keys UP, Down, Left, and Right to control GPS movement.

More Features Provided


Simulate GPS movement along real roads automatically in 1 click.

Set Coordinate

You can look for any location by name or by entering its coordinates as well.

Multi-device Support

Support to manage the GPS Location on five different iOS devices.

GPS location saving

The GPS locations you have spoofed on the map will be saved for future use.


This location changer offers 3 modes: teleport your location, simulate movement between two spots, and simulate movement along a specified route.

User Comments

Really easy to use. Changed my location and sent fake gps location to my friend on WhatsApp, they wish I have a nice trip.It's really funny


Very happy with goooch fake gps app! Been Pokemon go walking all round the world, with no issues, just like being there, picking up regionals, walking around the streets, and raiding...


It's nicely working and good fake gps app on iOS device


Good program accompanied by a very good quality of service.


Amazing good for these days of covid at least i can play Pokemon go a lot easier without walking.


This works perfectly and even has a mechanism to keep the location of the device the SAME even if it's unplugged. This application is truly amazing and I wish I knew about it sooner. It's fully functional, easy to use, and easy to set up. If you have to spoof your location use this, absolutely amazing how easy it is.


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