Refund Policy



Customer satisfaction has always been Goooch's top priority. We strive to provide customers with a pleasant experience of software and services. If you have any questions or dissatisfaction with any aspect of the software or service, please feel free to contact our support team( ). We would like to know how to improve and provide you with satisfactory solutions.

money-back guarantee

Most Goooch software offers free trial versions, so you can test the software yourself before you decide to buy it. These trial versions allow you to experience complete functions in a limited trial, or just set a limit at the last step (for example, for recovery tools, you can view the recoverable content before the last step), so you can decide whether the software is what you need before placing an order.

Goooch offers a 30-day refund guarantee. We cannot cancel the order after the expiration of this period, because this is a "try before buy" system. A refund under this guarantee can only be made if:


In the following cases, Goooch will provide a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase. The refund will be returned to the original account you used for payment.

In addition to purchasing products, we also purchased the optional Extended Download Service (EDS) or Registered Backup Service (RBS) by mistake, unintentionally or unintentionally. We will help you contact the payment platform to refund the fees of EDS or RBS.

If the purchased software has terminal technical problems and no solution is provided within 30 days. In this case, if you are not willing to wait for the update, Goooch will refund the product price.

Generally, if an ID subscribes to the same plan, we will remind you that you have subscribed repeatedly, but if the order is placed repeatedly due to special reasons, we will return the duplicate payment according to the original way.

You did not receive the registration code within 24 hours after purchase, and did not receive a timely response from the Goooch support team after contacting the support center (within 48 hours). In this case, Goooch may cancel the order and provide a refund upon your request.

You do not know that this is an automatic renewal order, and you did not receive an automatic renewal notification in your email inbox before the automatic renewal occurred. You should contact us within 7 days after the car renewal, and we will provide a refund.

Due to the technical problems of the payment platform or other technical reasons, you paid twice or more for a product. In this case, Goooch will only charge once for one product and will refund the additional payment.

Once we issue a refund, the corresponding license will be deactivated, and you need to uninstall the software and remove it from your computer.

Non-refundable situation

Under the following circumstances, we cannot refund. According to these conditions, if you do not need the software you purchased, we may replace the software for you.

Refund request for product price difference between different regions and sellers.

Refund requests for similar products purchased from other suppliers.

Intentionally repeat the refund request for similar products.

Refund requests that violate our sales campaign requirements.

Refund request due to your error, and the problem has nothing to do with the product. For example, buying incorrect programs, downloading incorrect versions, and not enough available disk storage on the computer; You changed your mind after purchasing, etc.

Because you did not read the product description carefully before purchasing, you made a refund request due to misunderstanding or lack of understanding of product functions and functions.

Refund request for failing to receive the registration code within two hours after placing the order successfully. Goooch's system will automatically send a registration email immediately after receiving the payment. However, some delays may occur due to Internet or system failures, e-mail spam settings, e-mail spelling errors, etc. In this case, you can contact our support center.

If there is no legitimate reason, you refuse to work with the Goooch support team to solve the problem and apply the provided solution.

Refund request without reason.

We are ready to accept any suggestions or feedback. We are always willing to talk with you, and will make every effort to find the best way to solve any problems you may have with Goooch.